Oleg Tischenkov / olegti

No, I'm not unfocused. Just my works and my interests
are much more than just a position name.

Product designer, UI / UX designer, Illustrator, Digital artist , Animator, Motion designer, Director, Character designer, Public speaker, University tutor, Game designer, Lecturer, Journalist, Writer, Comic book artist, Flash developer, Art director, Chief design officer, Creator, Natural media artist, Sculptor, Web designer, Graphic designer, Photographer, Street artist and first of all Idea-generator.


UI /UX &  web

After 10 years working as a Lead designer at awarded design studio*  and 5 years as a self-employed designer and Art director I can say I created all kinds of websites you could imagine.

Clients: Samsung, LG, 3Com, Audi, Nokia, Alfabank, Mitsubisi, and counting.

My specialty was making promo-sites.



* artlebedev.com

Mobile Apps

Since the first iPad had appeared I'm a big fan of designing for mobile applications and prototyping.

Graphic design

Letterheads, books, posters.


It's out of fashion now but several years ago it was a mainstream, and I was in the center of this steam.
As a Flash artist and an Actionscript programmer.
Websites, animation episodes, banners, and fun flash games.


There is no reason to be shy. I'm a well-known illustrator.

My clients to name a few: BBDO, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, GQ, Newsweek, Men's Health, McDonald’s and many more other agencies, magazines and companies.

At last

I didn't try to show all of my works. I just wanted to explain that for me any kind of design is a tool for making something interesting. And it doesn't really matter if it's a website or a mobile game, a logo or some heavy UI roadmap, infographic, or even a PowerPoint presentation. I do and I like everything that helps me make our life a little bit better, smarter, easier and... more fun.


You can write me oleg@catoro.ca for more information about my works.

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